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Nomadic Memoir is all about location independence without sitting on the beach with a laptop or pretending to work while laying down on a hammock


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The extensive Digital Nomad Tools list

The extensive Digital Nomad Tools list

The necessity of being organized, productive, and keeping everything in one place are challenges that have to be beaten to make the Digital Nomad lifestyle sustainable. While being a Digital Nomad since 2016, I have found it inevitable to have a list of preferred tech tools & apps that helps in many aspects of life. […]

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My minimalist digital nomad packing list

My minimalist digital nomad packing list

Digital nomads are burdened with packing more often than usual. Without an effective way of packing, it could become a hard and time consuming process. Since starting my life as a digital nomad in 2016, I have managed to keep my packing as simple and light as possible. With a 70L backpack and 20L day […]

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About me

I am Amr, a digital nomad traveling while remotely running the digital agency that I founded, Web Leap Garage. I started my journey as a Digital Nomad in 2016 while I was remotely freelancing as a Full-Stack Web Developer.

My lifestyle changed overtime from living out of a backpack & moving from a place to another into temporarily settling for a month or more in one place and finally into establishing long-term homebase/s where I can run a sustainable business from.

My travels are more about building a sustainable Nomadic lifestyle, exploring cultures, and making connections.