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Remote Work is Here to Stay

Remote Work is being painted by numerous media outlets as a “2020 thing,” and everyone should “Return To the Office.” The reality is that Remote Work has been the norm for many professionals and entrepreneurs long before 2020.

Yes, “Work from Home” is tedious and isolating, but this is not how Remote Work should be. You can leverage your hard-earned location independence to work from wherever makes you feel more productive, make connections beyond an office block, and have life experience that only you can set its limit.

Here at NomadicMemoir, you have the chance to learn how to make the most out of your remote work life and how to live and sustain a digital nomadic lifestyle. All you read here is based on real-life experience, mostly written by a location-independent professional who started working remotely in 2015.

Hope you find our content helpful, informative, and enriching!


Resources For Digital Nomads & Remote Workers

7 Most Essential Productivity Tips for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads

You are not alone in your struggle to maintain high productivity levels while working remotely or traveling as a digital…

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7 different Digital Nomad travel & work styles, featuring 5 Digital Nomads

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The Extensive Digital Nomad Tools List

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Discover Digital Nomad Destinations

Penang Guide for Digital Nomads

The Malaysian island of Penang is often overlooked as a Southeast Asian digital nomad destination. Most of the commonly discussed…

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A Step-by-step Guide to Dubai’s Remote Work Visa – The Digital Nomad Visa for Dubai

As one of the countries that joined the race of offering Digital Nomad Visas, the UAE —through Dubai— has announced…

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Life in Bangalore, India as a Digital Nomad for 1 month

First of all, the motivation to go to India wasn’t work-related at all. It was out of curiosity and craving…

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The Author

Hi there! My name is Amr, and I am the founder and main author of Nomadic Memoir. I started working remotely in 2015 and started my journey as a digital nomad in 2016. My professional background is in the software industry as a web/mobile developer, a technical writer, and a project manager, in addition to running a digital agency and a 3d printing service.

As you might already know, the Digital Nomad lifestyle can take many shapes. My lifestyle evolved from living out of a backpack & moving from one place to another to temporarily settling for a month or more in one place and finally establishing a long-term homebase/s where I can run a sustainable business.

Currently, I am focused on AI, technical writing, and writing content here at Nomadic Memoir. You are more than welcome to get in touch with feedback, questions, or collaboration request.

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