About Me

My name is Amr! I am a digital nomad traveling while remotely running the digital agency that I founded, Web Leap Garage.

I started my journey as a Digital Nomad in 2016 while I was remotely freelancing as a Full-Stack Web Developer.

A picture from Ubud, Bali where I lived for 5 months between 2017 and 2018

As a Digital Nomad, my lifestyle changed overtime from living out of a backpack & moving from a place to another into temporarily settling for a month or more in one place and finally into establishing long-term homebase/s where I can run a sustainable business from.

I developed the skills that enabled me to work remotely by working as a Web Developer on full-time, part-time & freelance basis for about 4 years. The types of organizations I worked for include digital agencies, startups, software companies & internet businesses.

My travels are more about building a sustainable Nomadic lifestyle, exploring cultures and making connections.