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My name is Amr, and I am the founder and the main author of Nomadic Memoir.

I started working remotely in 2015, and started my journey as a Digital Nomad while remotely working as a Full-Stack Web Developer in 2016. Since then, I took shited roles in the software industry from web/mobile developer, to a project manager, to a technical writer. On top of those, I founded a remote digital agency and ran a 3d printing service for a while. Currently, my main focus is on AI, technical writing, and Nomadic Memoir.

This picture was taken in Ubud, Bali, where I lived for 5 months between 2017 and 2018

As you might already know, the Digital Nomad lifestyle can take many shapes. My lifestyle evolved from living out of a backpack & moving from one place to another to temporarily settling for a month or more in one place and finally establishing a long-term homebase/s where I can run a sustainable business.

I have built the skillset that enabled me to work remotely by working as a Web Developer on a full-time, part-time & freelance basis for about 4 years. I worked for digital agencies, startups & software companies.

The experience I gained while hacking remote work, developing productive habits while working remotely and traveling as a digital nomad was the main motivation to launch Nomadic Memoir. The purpose of this website is to provide practical information based on real-life experience without overselling, or clickbaiting.

If you have any takes on any of the content published on Nomadic Memoir or would like to share your opinion, Please leave a comment on a published article or reach out to us via this form.

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