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The necessity of being organized, productive, and keeping everything in one place are challenges that have to be beaten to make the Digital Nomad lifestyle sustainable. While being a Digital Nomad since 2016, I have found it inevitable to have a list of preferred tech tools & apps that helps in many aspects of life. These aspects range from cloud document storage, personal finance, communication, travel organizing to finding a place to work.

As 2020 proved to the world that working remotely is the future, many of the tools in this list aren’t useful to only Digital Nomads. Whether you are a Digital Nomad, remote worker, business traveler, freelancer, or working from home, you can make use of this list.

In this list, I have collected over 70 tools for 15 aspects of life that I personally use, tried, or have used in the past in addition to a brief description of each one of them:

Travel planning & destinations

Digital Nomad Tools list - TripiIt icon

A time saving travel organizer that helps automating the creation of itineraries, reminders & more.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Maps.me icon

Could be the best offline maps app in the market. It has proven useful as an alternative to google maps whenever there is no internet access.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Nomadlist icon

NomadList provides destination information in addition to many other features. The free version is limited and a paid subscription is required. It won’t provide 100% accurate info since it is based on the members votes.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Teleport icon

A city comparison tool that includes metrics like quality of life, cost of living, salaries and more, etc. It is more related to expats’ lifestyle but long term nomads can make good use of it.

Coworking Spaces

Digital Nomad Tools list - WorkFrom icon

A community-built list of worldwide places to work from. It is not limited to coworking spaces, but also cafes and public areas.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Coworker icon

Could be the biggest coworking spaces directory on the web with the option of buying a monthly global pass to access different spaces.

Digital Nomad Tools list - CoPass icon

A network of +950 coworking spaces worldwide accessible by one pass.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Coworking Wiki icon
Coworking Wiki

A directory of coworking spaces arount the world.

Finance & money transfer

Digital Nomad Tools list - Payoneer icon

Provides many convenient ways to get paid as a freelancer or an online business including bank transfers & credit cards. The Payoneer pre-paid master card is a big advantage.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Wise icon

Formerly, Transferwise. It could be your best option send and receive money wherever you are with amazing exchange rate, covering many countries and different currencies.

Digital Nomad Tools list - XE icon

For frequest travelers, Xe is one of the most accurate currency converters online. They have recently launched a money transfer service.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Stripe icon

The most common solution for e-commerce payments compared to similar services like Paypal.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Paypal icon

Maybe it is the most famous money transfer and payment service for individuals and businesses worldwide. The high fees is a big disadvantage though.

Digital Nomad Tools list - CurrencyFair icon

A peer-to-peer international currency exchange marketplace.


Digital Nomad Tools list - Airbnb icon

One of the world’s biggest apps to find accommodation with millions of hosts worldwide offering accommodation on different scales and price ranges.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Coliving icon

My #1 choice as an Airbnb alternative for digital nomads. It has many options of accommodation in Coliving Spaces in +50 Countries

Digital Nomad Tools list - Booking.com icon

Another famous app to instantly books hotels or hostels worlwide.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Agoda icon

Don’t like booking.com ? Agoda is the best alternative around.

Note taking & To-do’s

Digital Nomad Tools list - Google Keep icon
Google Keep

My personal favorite in this list. It has a simple interface, syncs across web, desktop and phones. It supports many type of notes including image notes that you can instantly create from your phone camera.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Microsoft OneNote icon
Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft’s simple yet powerful note taking app. It supports different types of notes that sync across devices and can be shared.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Notion icon

Notion is considered as a project management tool too. It is more than just a note taking app. Many teams and individuals use it as a space to share ideas & to collaborate. It can also be used by individuals.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Evernote icon

A feature rich app that supports different ways to create notes including creating directly from web pages. It is used by many teams and individuals as an idea sharing space.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Apple Notes icon
Apple Notes

The app with the least features in our list, however it is prefered by many iPhone, iPad & mac users. It supports adding short text notes, which can be synchronised using Apple’s iCloud.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Pocket icon

Despite not being a note taking app, Pocket is used to save articles, videos and stories from the web or any other app.


Digital Nomad Tools list - Skype icon

You may call it old fashioned, however Skype remains in competition as one of the best texting and video calling apps.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Slack icon

For small remote businesses, professional teams and online communities, Slack is a great app which can be used for free.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Whatsapp
Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp isn’t just a texting app anymore. In addition to the famous whatsapp, Whatsapp Business is a powerful tool to communicate with your leads and existing clients.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Zoom icon

Just another online meetings service. Due to Covid19, it has become one of the mostly used apps worldwide as numerous businesses turned into using it.

Finding best flights

Digital Nomad Tools list - Skyscanner icon

The most famous flight search and comparison tool among Digital Nomads.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Kayak icon

Perfect for airfare comparison in many regions. However, it doesn’t have the same worldwide coverage as skyscanner.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Google Flights icon
Google Flights

Google’s flight search tool.

Remote job boards

Digital Nomad Tools list - Flexjobs icon

One of the oldest websites to find remote jobs.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Outsourcely icon

A platform connecting companies that want to hire remotely with remote job seekers.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Hubstaff Talent icon
Hubstaff Talent

The remote jobs search platform of the famous time tracking service, Hubstaff.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Remote.co icon

A FlexJobs’ sister site.

Freelancing Platforms

Digital Nomad Tools list - Toptal icon

By claiming that they accept only the top 3% of freelancers after a screening process, they promise projects of world top companies too.

Digital Nomad Tools list - UpWork icon

The most famous online freelancing platform. Despite being a huge platform, the competition is very high & there are many less serious clients.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Fiverr icon

The once was a micro-services platform is now a one stop shop for many businesses worldwide. Fiverr has recently introduced Fiverr pro program.

Digital Nomad Tools list - 99designs icon

Exclusively for design projects. Clients can post project requirements or host design contests where freelance designers can bid or participate in.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Freelancer icon

Another freelancing platform similar to UpWork, however the quality of the projects offered and the rates are generally less.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Guru icon

Guru comes in the 3rd place after UpWork and freelancer.com.

Digital Nomad Tools list - People Per Hour icon
People Per Hour

A platform focused on hourly based projects.

Skill building and self development

Digital Nomad Tools list - SkillShare icon

Courses covering topics including Illustration, Design, Photography, Animation, Productivity & many more.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Udemy icon

A range of both free and paid courses offered by many professionals and mentors worldwide.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Udacity icon

Focused on technical and business courses taught by top world experts. This explains the higher cost compared to similar websites.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Linkedin Learning icon
Linkedin Learning

Formerly, Lynda.com. One of the oldest e-learning websites after being acquired by Linkedin.

Digital Nomad Tools list - MasterClass icon

Online classes taught by top world expert.

Digital Nomad Tools list - International Open Academy icon
International Open Academy

Offes many certified courses. The most highlighted one is the 120-hours certificate TESOL course which is necessary for online English teaching job seekers. Currently, there is an %80 discount on this course.

Productivity & Time tracking

Digital Nomad Tools list - Marinara icon

A browser extension that I have been using for years. Pomodoro technique

Digital Nomad Tools list - Clockify icon

The best & simple free time tracking options for freelancers and small team with paid plans for companies and bigger teams.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Toggl icon

A great time tracking & task management solution for larger teams.

Digital Nomad Tools list - HubStaff icon

One of the time tracking and reporting software pioneers. Hubstaff offers more integration features for software development teams.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Boomerang icon

An email scheduler for Gmail. It is has proven useful for remote workers who work across different time zones.

Travel Insurance for Nomads

Digital Nomad Tools list - Safety Wing icon
Safety Wing

A travel insurance with worldwide coverage and limited coverage for home country visits. They have added cover for Covid19 treatment.

Digital Nomad Tools list - World Nomads icon
World Nomads

The first travel insurance for Digital Nomads.

Cloud storage & files

Digital Nomad Tools list - Google Drive icon
Google Drive

Google Drive is my favorite of all time. With free 15GB of storage and the power of Google docs, it is a great cloud based replacement for desktop office software.

Digital Nomad Tools list - iCloud icon

The #1 choice for iPhone, iPad or Mac users.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Dropbox icon

Preferred by many businesses and individuals worldwide. The price tag is a disadvantage though.

Digital Nomad Tools list - WeTransfer icon

When it comes to sending large files, WeTransfer provides the best experience among other file sharing options.

Project & Task Management

Digital Nomad Tools list - Trello icon

Trello’s visual boards can be used for personal task management, project management and collaboration with clients or internal teams.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Asana icon

A project management tool built for small teams. It is more focused on project management compared to Trello although many users find that Trello has a more user friendly interface.

Other tools

Digital Nomad Tools list - Speedtest icon

Internets speed Testing is a necessity for Digital Nomads. This is a tool that gives the ability to test your connection speed against many servers worldwide.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Fast.com icon

The speed testing tool developed by Netflix. It has proven to be more reliable than SpeedTest in many cases.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Canva icon

A web-based design tool with many great templates to create designs such as social media posts, documents, flyers, business cards and even short videos.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Grammarly icon

An AI writing tool that can help with spelling corrections, suggestions & more while writing emails, documents or messages. The free version is great while the premium version provides more advanced features that can make your life easier.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Momentum icon

Daily inspiration and to-do list visible with every new tab opened.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Figure it out icon
Figure it out

Displays timezones of your choosing in every new tab screen.

Digital Nomad Tools list - World Clocks icon
World Clocks

In case that you another extension for the new tab screen, you can use world clock to dispaly it whenever needed by a simple click to the icon in the browser header.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Coffitivity icon

Recreates the sounds of a cafe to help boosting your creativity and focus.

Digital Nomad Tools list - Stay focused icon
Stay focused

Another browser extension that helps raising productivity by blocking time-wasting websites

Is there more?

If you use a tool that you believe should be on this list, please let me know in the comments. You can also get in touch via email at info@nomadicmemoir.com, on Facebook, or Instagram. In case there is some task that you use a physical tool for and wanna replace by a digital tool, you can check my minimalist Digital Nomad packing list article.

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“The extensive Digital Nomad Tools list”

  1. Solid list of tools! I’m a big fan of Payoneer but I wish it was easier to make payment requests, like in Paypal. I’ll take a look at the other tools too!

  2. These are all such excellent tools for staying organized when we plan our trips and while we’re on our trips. Everyone should look at these.

  3. I am curious, what do you think will happen with co-working spaces once we are past the pandemic? Will people flock back because they miss people? Will they stay home because there are so many work away from an office resources?

    • I don’t think that working from home can be a long-term solution for most remote workers. Coworking spaces provide more than just places to work. They have major advantages that working from home doesn’t offer such as meeting like-minded professionals, expanding the professional network, attending events & being within a working environment.

    • I am glad to help. Of course we can never make use of all the tools available, however we can try and choose what works best.

  4. There are so, so many useful places to visit online for help with travel, jobs, and much more. I am familiar with only about 1/3 of these sites, so there is much to discover.

  5. Such a detailed list! Wow! I had no idea half of the platforms even existed! Great article, I´ll share it with my nomad friend who´s about to emigrate 🙂

  6. This is a very helpful list, and I saw some of the tools that I am using as well. For travel, I also check wotif.com coz there are times that prices on Google, and Agoda, varies versus Wotif (of course I opt for where I could save more!).

  7. what a thorough and extensive list! I saw that you added Notion, which made me all happy, because I use that for everything! Highiy recommended tech! Blessings!

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