After 232 days on the road,time to start blogging. Mixed feelings, becoming stronger, learning from mistakes & still a lot to see

January 17th, 2017 by

The time I am writing this post at is 64 days after creating this blog & writing the title of this post. So today is the 22nd of March, 2017 which is actually day 296 of my journey as a digital nomad.

It is not just procrastination. I also faced times of being lost, confused, frustrated and dealing with the usual ups & downs of life.

Being a digital nomad & having this lifestyle was a dream to me & it is a dream to a lot of people but like everything in life it has pros and cons. The digital nomad lifestyle isn’t as beautiful as what you see in the stereotyped pictures. Booking a one way ticket to somewhere, sitting on the beach with a laptop and doing whatever earns you money isn’t the way to do it. Maybe it is as easy as this for some nomads but to me it is a myth. Life is life. It can’t be described in pictures. Pictures are meant to show the bright side

After over 9 months on the road, I am confident to write about my experience, traveling stories & to give tips and advice about how to travel and work as a digital nomad. Of course,
this is through my experience which I worked hard to make it unique, inspiring & in a way that will make me proud of it.

Now it is a little bit after midnight. I am writing from the the room I am renting in Penang, Malaysia. Here is where I set up my work station for March 2017. I am working on this blog in addition to another personal project while having a nice time around the island & especially the amazing Georgetown.

I finished this article on the first of April, 2017 & I am ready to launch my blog now. It has been exactly 10 months on the road now & I am in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. I have several project at hand to work on plus arranging the trip to my next destination which will be Vietnam.