Tracking and finding two abandoned airplanes in Bali followed by watching sunset at Balangan beach

Tracking and finding two abandoned airplanes in Bali

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If you think that Bali is all about beaches, parties & visiting touristy attractions, you might be wrong. Beside being a vacation island or a digital nomad destination, Bali is full of some astonishing off the beaten track activities. One of those activities is tracking two abandoned airplanes that have a lot of stories around them but no one knows for sure why they ended up there. I heard there are other abandoned planes on the island but I had no luck getting accurate information about their location back then.

About the two planes

The two airplanes are in two separate locations. The first one is in South Kuta so close to the touristy Kuta Beach while the other one is a bit further to the south in Bukit Peninsula. By asking the locals in the area, no one had a clear idea about the reasons why those airplanes ended up on the island except for some stories that there was no way to confirm any of them.

My story back then

Despite disliking kuta and not even seeing it as a good party area, I stayed there for a bit over a week during my first visit to Bali late 2016. The reason wasn’t to enjoy the party scene there since it seemed specifically made for Australian vacationists and backpackers, but it was to explore the southern part of the island for the first time. It was just the best deal I found given my limited knowledge about Bali at the time. It was a good deal to have a temporary base in South Bali so I can explore the area.

Sunset at Kuta beach
You can still find beauty among the herds of toursits at Kuta beach
Digital Nomad rest with an Indonesian Drink
A pic that I took while chilling in the balcony after doing some work & drinking this Indonesian drink that I still don’t know what it was

I had a small project as a freelance web developer so I was working for 4-6 hours every day from my room back then. There were no work friendly cafes in Kuta that I could find. If I had the knowledge that I gained about Bali, I would have had a room in Sanur instead.

The first airplane

The first plane is a Boeing 737 located 15 minutes away from the touristy Kuta beach, on a highway, next to a Dunkin’ Donuts store. It is recommended to go there by motorbike as it is the most convenient way to move around Bali. The plane is surrounded by a fence which made it a bit hard to get closer to it.

I heard a story that the owner planned to open a restaurant inside the old airplane but it seems that the plans didn’t go well so it ended up in an empty field.

First abandoned airplane in Bali
The best viewpoint of the airplane is this point where the fence is a bit lower. You can spot the highway on the back.
First abandoned airplane in Bali
A side view on the plane’s nose
First abandoned airplane in Bali
A side view on the plane’s body

The location on the map:

The second airplane

The way to the second one took a bit more time. It is a Boeing 737-200 located further to the south of the island at Bukit Peninsula. I spent some time looking for it until I spotted it in a lower ground. From the surrounding objects, I guessed that the area was to be created as a paintball arena or at least this is how the field looked like. However, I heard another story that it was to be converted to a restaurant.

Second abandoned airplane in Bali
A full view on the second plane
Second abandoned airplane in Bali
A selfie from a higher ground 😉

The location on the map:

Sunset at Balangan Beach 

At the end of the road, it was almost sunset. By doing a bit of research, I found that Balangan Beach was very close to the location of the second airplane. Balangan Beach is a famous surfing spot and as I noticed, there were a few photographers there doing photo shoots and wedding photographers as well.

The best place to watch the sunset at Balangan beach was from a higher ground where the beach can be spotted. There was no access to the beach from this area which wasn’t an issue since the sunset view was all what mattered. After sunset, the day came to an end. It was another amazing day in Bali followed by busier and more productive days. 

Sunset at Balangan Beach
The first view I had of Balangan beach
Sunset at Balangan Beach
Another pic from the entrance point
Sunset at Balangan Beach
Eastern side view
Sunset at Balangan Beach
The sunset view above Balangan beach
Sunset at Balangan Beach
Balangan beach from above

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