Wandering in New Delhi in summer heat under the temperature of 43c degrees

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After 10 months on the road & posting my first blog post, I believe India was a perfect choice as a first destination. It really helped to push me out of my comfort zone. This was at the end of May 2016. I had no project to work on a this time & this was in my favor cause I needed time to adapt to the my new life .

I landed in New Delhi on the 31st of May, 2016. It was time to start my journey as a digital nomad. I knew from the beginning that there is lot to see, a lot to learn & a lot to do. Honestly, at this point I didn’t know how things should work, where to go or how to keep balance between work & fun in my new lifestyle. It was a totally new experience to me. I am not a 100% traveler/backpacker and I am not also an employed expat.

A couple days in the hostel have passed. I met nice people both Indians and foreign travelers, knew more about India from them & of course I tried different Indian dishes. Despite not being a big fan of spicy food, I found Indian food interesting, rich & delicious.

I was tempted to explore this amazing country, I decided to go out and headed to one of the most touristy yet interesting area of New Delhi. It was a struggle to walk for about 7 minutes to the nearest metro station. The temperature was really high & the weather was so humid. I took the train to the central and most crowded station in New Delhi, Rajiv Chowk & started walking again towards the main bazaar.

The main bazaar is famous for cheap accommodation, budget hotels & backpackers hostels that can be spotted all the way. The streets are full of shops selling Indian spices, traditional fabrics & traditional artwork such as beautifully sculpted and well detailed statues of Hindu gods. Through my whole journey, I was amazed by how Indians pay attention to the details in the artworks.

By the time I was hungry, I headed to one of the hotels’ rooftop cafes, Kitchen Cafe rooftop. The price was reasonable since most of the hotels around the main bazaar are budget hotels. I ordered a random item from the menu and it was amazing and of course so spicy with a very strong taste. The main picture of the article is the rooftop view from the restaurant. Before leaving the waiter asked me to give a review on trip advisor and I didn’t mind giving a god review.

On the way back I took the metro again. Unfortunately it was rush hour time. I have experienced being in crowded transportation before but the Delhi metro during rush hour is totally another level. There was literally no space to stand. People were stuffed inside the coach & to go in or out you need to use your elbow or shoulder or whatever you can do to make your way out of the coach. I didn’t regret it for sure. It was a nice part of the travelling experience.


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